Launching Ashmira Botanica

To launch new waxing brand Ashmira Botanica, we held a series of events across London commencing with a trade launch at The Herrick Gallery on Piccadilly.

Co-hosted by founders Tracey Smith and professional aesthetician, Andy Rouillard (hailed as Britain’s top male waxer!), the event welcomed spa and salon professionals from across London and the South East as well as beauty trade publications.  Andy demonstrated how to use the wax on a male model and a brave guest.  He explained the soothing properties of the new products and proved the new wax offers pain-free treatment for even the most sensitive areas.

The second part of the launch was held at Mayfair Aesthetics and Beauty.  Here, men’s and women’s beauty editors and influencers received complimentary treatments, as well as an introduction to the brand’s concept and home product range.  All the guests were impressed and universally agreed it was the least painful waxing they had experienced.  In the men’s cases we were able to convert two previous wax virgins to the cause!

Subsequently, the brand has secured accounts with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Jumeirah Hotel with many more in progress.

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