ITV East visits Tricker’s Northampton Factory

We had a great time accompanying a film crew from ITV East around the Tricker’s factory in Northampton.  They were filming a piece on traditional British businesses (based in the East) which are staying successful despite many of their contemporaries collapsing.  It was interesting to learn that there are 250 operations that go into making a pair of Tricker’s boots and they all take place at the Northampton site.  In its hay day Northampton was home to 175 shoe makers today only 5 are left.

Scott Mckee is one of only 3 artisans left in Northampton who still hand makes shoes from scratch (all 3 work at Tricker’s), he demonstrated stitching a sole on to a boot and we saw hundreds of wooden lasts (the models for made-to-order shoes).

Look out for the piece on ITV East’s evening news feature at 6pm coming soon.

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